Let us carry out a Pre-Due Diligence exercise on your Business – Be “Investor” or “Sale Ready”.

I really enjoyed teaching the New Frontiers Programme on Intellectual Property Law last week. We hit areas such as Trademarking and the ownership of Intellectual Property (mainly software in this case) particularly hard.

“Pre” due diligence is another area that is also crucial and often times not looked at until it is too late i.e. getting ready for investment or sale by preparing for a due diligence exercise. Would you prepare to sell your house for the best price possible by not cleaning it or mowing the lawn or painting it since the date you first bought it?!

I can come in and carry out a Due Diligence exercise which will show up all the problems NOW, and not when the buyer comes in and then uses them to either negotiate you down, or worse again, walk away!

Best to get ahead of it and carry out the Due Diligence exercise in advance and fix all the problems before the buyer even sees them. In this way, you not only look more professional, but, you are in a stronger position to negotiate the best deal/sale possible for your company.

Always happy to chat on this or any other aspect of Commercial and Technology law.

Just call me to have a discussion on how I can assist you to be investor or “sale ready”.

David Reilly

We specialise within the area of Commercial and Technology Law and if you wish to discuss any of the above please call us on 023 99 21919 or on 086 252 9483 or email us on info@dreilly.ie – we regularly advise on software and all types of commercial and IT contracts.